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Created on 15 January 2017
Clone of JIRA Connector with UpdateIssue functionality and custom fields support. Will not work on your JIRA unless you customise it. To use this on your JIRA installation start from a fresh clone of the official JIRA plugin and adapt the JSON names for the custom fields to match the expected jira keys (see more info in details or post http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/16004/create-issue-with-custom-fields/#Post83488)
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Cloned the JIRA connector and added support for updating Issues and using custom fields.

This is what you need to do to be able to create Issues with custom fields:

1) First find out what JIRA keys your installation uses for the custom fields you want to use. For instance the custom field Epic Name is mandatory for Epics but has different keys depending on the environment. Use Postman or SoapUI to find out what these fields are with the url below for JIRA Cloud installations. Don't forget to configure basic authentication of course. 

In my case I am interested in a couple of custom fields:

  •  "name": "Epic Name", "key": “customfield_10002",
  • "name": "Epic Link","key": “customfield_10005"

2) Add each custom field as a Text attribute to the IssueFields structure in JIRAConnector

To use this on your JIRA installation adapt the JSON names for the custom fields to match the expected jira keys.

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