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Exif Data Extractor

Stable version 11.0.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
Uploaded on 30 June 2020 by 
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Exif Data Extractor

Retrieve Exif Data from image binary data. This extension can be used in page or logic actions, to retrieve stored Exif data from an image. The image binary can be presented as a parameter to one of the functions in the XIF. The result is a recordlist with key/value data.
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This component extracts the Exif data from a picture and returns it in a list

Basic usage is pretty straight-forward:

  • Reference the component
  • Drag the function Logic->CoolExif->GetExifDataFromImage in your action flow
  • Provide a binary-data object containing an image

After execution the returned KeyValuePair object contains a list with Exif Fields (Name/Value) which have been found in the image. 

There are three actions available in this version:

  • GetExifDataFromImage - Basic key/value pair list with tag name and value
  • GetExifDataFromImageDirectory - Includes grouping in directories
  • GetExifDataFromImageAll - Includes the Exif identifiers (integer and hex-value)

When the binary-data contains a not-recognized format, an exception is thrown which can be handled in your logic.

Please be aware: The component does not provide information NOT found in the image. For example GeoLocation data can only be found when an image contains these Exif-Tags

Thanks to Drew Noakes for the metadata-extractor libraries

Release notes (11.0.2)

Compilation update with the latest binaries from OS

Reviews (1)
in version 11.0.2
Have tried several image types and it doesn't supply File Type or File Type Extension exif data. Testing those same images on some other EXIF extractors does actually retrieve the right info even if you remove the extension