Vertical Alphabetical Scroll

Stable Version 2.0.0 (O11)
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Created on 16 February 2017

Vertical Alphabetical Scroll

Component usually seen on contacts search. It scrolls the "group" of contacts to the top accordingly the selected/touched letter.
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- IOS and Android compatible

- Don't forget to read the instructions.

- Calculates is height by removing the Header and Bottom placeholders height to the viewport height

- It can't be tested on browser without chrome developer tools simulating a device

What’s new (2.0.0)

**** Install this version will result in broken references*****
New version of the component to work on O11

  • Separated the component and the demo
  • It still works on old version of Outsystems UI but now you need to pass ".content" as the scrollableContent (One of the input parameters)
  • Compatible with newer layouts
  • Bug fixing

Input parameters:

  • scrollableContentSelector -> Default for O11 will select the document on older versions please use ".content". The element that will scroll
  • headerSelector -> the class of the header ni case you have it. The default is ".header" and this will be used to calculate where the component starts 
  • bottomSelector -> In case you have a bottom bar and you don't want this component to overlap. It will be used to decrease the component total height

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This component is not supported by OutSystems. You may use the discussion forums to leave suggestions or obtain best-effort support from the community, including from Henrique Batista who created this component.
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