Vertical Alphabetical Scroll

Stable Version 2.0.0 (O11)
Also available for 10
Published on 04 May 2020 by 
Stable Version 2.0.0 (O11)
Also available for 10
Published on 04 May 2020 by 
Created on 16 February 2017

Vertical Alphabetical Scroll

Component usually seen on contacts search. It scrolls the "group" of contacts to the top accordingly the selected/touched letter.
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- IOS and Android compatible

- Don't forget to read the instructions.

- Calculates is height by removing the Header and Bottom placeholders height to the viewport height

- It can't be tested on browser without chrome developer tools simulating a device

What’s new (2.0.0)

**** Install this version will result in broken references*****
New version of the component to work on O11

  • Separated the component and the demo
  • It still works on old version of Outsystems UI but now you need to pass ".content" as the scrollableContent (One of the input parameters)
  • Compatible with newer layouts
  • Bug fixing

Input parameters:

  • scrollableContentSelector -> Default for O11 will select the document on older versions please use ".content". The element that will scroll
  • headerSelector -> the class of the header ni case you have it. The default is ".header" and this will be used to calculate where the component starts 
  • bottomSelector -> In case you have a bottom bar and you don't want this component to overlap. It will be used to decrease the component total height

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This component is not supported by OutSystems. You may use the discussion forums to leave suggestions or obtain best-effort support from the community, including from Henrique Batista who created this component.
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