Stable version 0.5.5 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
Published on 3 May by 
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An OutSystems connector for working with data in an external MongoDB database. Provides an extension wrapping the C# driver for MongoDB, as well as a core module with helper actions to simplify accessing databases, collections, and documents.
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MongoDB Version: Supports Current Stable Release (4.4)

C# .NET Driver: 2.11.4


  • MongoDB Database - Get, List, Drop
  • MongoDB Collection - Create, Drop, List
  • MongoDB CRUD - Create, CreateOrUpdate, Get, Update, Query

What’s new (0.5.5)

Minor bug fixes,

On demo app:

  • The Person.Id on the structure had the incorrect Name in JSON of _Id. it should be _id
    • This would lead to _Id to be a valid attribute of the document and 2 id's would show up.

On MogoDB Core:

  • Mongo CreateOrUpdate method, was incorrectly passing the _id attribute as "" for new documents. This would lead to the creation of a document with an empty but valid _id.
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