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Stable version 0.5.5 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
Uploaded on 03 May 2021 by 
 (11 ratings)


An OutSystems connector for working with data in an external MongoDB database. Provides an extension wrapping the C# driver for MongoDB, as well as a core module with helper actions to simplify accessing databases, collections, and documents.
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MongoDB Version: Supports Current Stable Release (4.4)

C# .NET Driver: 2.11.4


  • MongoDB Database - Get, List, Drop
  • MongoDB Collection - Create, Drop, List
  • MongoDB CRUD - Create, CreateOrUpdate, Get, Update, Query

Release notes (0.5.5)

Minor bug fixes,

On demo app:

  • The Person.Id on the structure had the incorrect Name in JSON of _Id. it should be _id
    • This would lead to _Id to be a valid attribute of the document and 2 id's would show up.

On MogoDB Core:

  • Mongo CreateOrUpdate method, was incorrectly passing the _id attribute as "" for new documents. This would lead to the creation of a document with an empty but valid _id.
Reviews (1)
in version 0.5.5
Works just perfectly together with Serialize/Deserialize OS functions.
I used it with Azure Cosmos DB (a MongoDB API compatible database) with success.