PayPal Mobile

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Created on 16 March 2017

PayPal Mobile

A PayPal Cordova Plugin giving you the ability to integrate PayPal payments (one time or future) and Refunds in your mobile app. A sample app on how to use it is available, search on the forge for PayPal Mobile Sample App.
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Try the sample app here!

This is a native plugin to integrate PayPal into your Mobile App. With the client identifier and secret of your PayPal App for the chosen environment (Sandbox for testing, Production for live), you can call an action that will trigger an UI to perform a one-time payment, as well as another to refund it by id.

You can also trigger the UI to get authorization from the user to debit future payments from their account, and call the action that, given the previous authorization, performs pre-authorized payments.

Test it on the sample app (QR Code on the pictures here) which is using a third environment option called NoNetwork, for which you do not need a client identifier and where every email/password combination works, since it is not connected anywhere. However, under this option you can only test single payments and the authorization flow for future payments.

What’s new (1.3.0)

Some corrections as it was not working properly. A sample app on how to use it is available, search on the forge for PayPal Mobile Sample App.

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