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Text and HTML Processing

Stable version 3.2.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
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Text and HTML Processing

Extract information from plain text data with regular expressions, or from HTML with CSS selectors. Manipulate HTML documents with ease, and sanitize user input against HTML injection.
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Supports regular expressions matching, complete with group capturing.

Also has standards-compliant HTML parsing, matching of html elements with CSS selectors syntax, and sanitization of untrusted HTML documents.

Release notes (3.2.0)

Tweaked the "RegexCaptureAll" action to include a "Groups" attribute for every match, allowing to see the content of each named group within the match.

Note: Since the output structure of the "RegexCaptureAll" action was changed, you will now need to refresh and update your references to its results (e.g. change "RegexMatchAll.MatchedTextList.Current.Text" to "RegexMatchAll.MatchedTextList.Current.RegexCaptureGroup.Text").

License (3.2.0)
Reviews (2)
in version 3.1.0
Awesome and really useful component!
in version 3.1.0
That's awesome to add some advanced regex features on my app. Great job Leonardo!