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Created on 21 March 2017
Heatmap Plugin for Google Maps Component
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Heatmap Plugin for Google Map Component

Require Google Map Component...

Use Case: Showing heatmap on Google Map Component

How to use it:

1. Add dependency: Google Map and Google Map Heatmap

2. Add usual Map from Google Map Component, set desired center lat/long, zoom, and MapOptions

3. Add GMaps_Heatmap_Flow\GoogleMap_Heatmap_Plugin webblock below the Map webblock

4. Assign input parameter: MapId

5. Assign input parameter: Radius (integer value e.g. 10) <blank=default radius>

6. Assign input parameter: Opacity (decimal value e.g. 0.8) <blank=100% opacity>

7. Assign input parameter: GradientColor (possible choice: blank [default] or "red/blue")

8. In Preparation Logic of your screen, query your data using aggregate, loop data and ListAppend HeatmapPoints, after that use SetHeatmapData logic with HeadmapPoints as input parameter. (see included sample module)

9. Go to Service Center > Factory > eSpaces > Google_Maps > Site Properties > APILibraries

10. Set APILibraries Effective Value to: visualization (click Apply)

For more details, look at Heatmap_Sample module (included).

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