Stable Version 1.1.18 (O11)
Also available for 10, 9.1, 9, 8, 7, 6
Published on 5 Feb by 
Guilherme Pereira
Guilherme Pereira
Created on 06 April 2011
Simple to use html to pdf/image converter. Based on wkhtmltopdf (
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Simple to use html to pdf/image converter, it uses the webkit rendering engine, and qt. Based on

Feature List

Convert web pages into PDF documents or images using webkit rendering engine, and qt.

Main Benefits

-GNU Lesser GPL.

-No license required.

What’s new (1.1.18)
  • Tweaked the code to better handle timeouts.
  • Added a Status page to list all the running processes from whtmltopdf, this can be helpful to understand if there's any zombie process that's consuming CPU/Memory on the server.
  • Added two new Timers
    • One that can be set to periodically check for long running processes (time configurable via site property), and also for not responding processes and kill them.
    • Other timer that can and should be used in an emergency when the server becomes really unresponsive because of whtmltopdf, that kills all whtmltopdf processes.
Reviews (3)
16 Feb
in version 1.1.18

In my web application I am using HTML to PDF converter plugin v.1.1.18, While trying to download pdf document below mentioned error is thrown.

"The system cannot find the file specified Problem generating PDF from HTML, URLS: 'url' "

It,s working fine in personal environment
We are working in a licensed enterprise development environment(v.11.7.0).
We had uploaded the necessary binary files.
And we had tested with the demo test screen also, in that too pdf is not getting downloaded, same error is thrown.
Please help us on this.

10 Jan
in version 1.1.17
Great Tool, I am waiting for the Reactive Web VErsion :-)
in version 1.1.17
That's amazing to add pdf publishing feature on my applications.  Hats off to Team!
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