Progress OpenEdge Connector

Stable Version 2.0.0 (O10)
Also available for 9.1
Published on 12 May 2017 by 
Application for managing direct connections with Progress OpenEdge AppServer.
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Application for managing direct connections with Progress OpenEdge AppServer.


  • Registration of various configurations of connections with AppServer.
  • Use of AppServer of type Free Session or not.
  • Control of maximum number of concurrent connections.
  • Queue control of requests when all connections are in use.
  • Timeout control in queue of requests.
  • Access procedure progress directly through the procedure's "path + name", without the need to generate additional DLLs via proxygen.
  • Control the locking / unlocking of all connections (main switch).
  • Multi-thread access test in background.
  • Log of requests, including handling the input and output parameters to save them as Text (up to 2000 characters) or BinaryData (for texts above 2000 characters).
  • Log of connections setup.
  • KeepAlive option to reuse of OpenAppObjectControl (Beta). If you choose to not KeepAlive it will open and close connection on each request.
  • Actions to centralize the handling of requests and respective logs.
  • Initial self-configuration of the singleton in publishing and logging in.


  • The Progress OpenEdge procedures must have an input parameter and an output parameter. Both of type LONGCHAR.
  • Because of the use of Singleton in the extension, access must be done via WebServices of the main module. It can not be via Actions because this would create a new instance of Singleton.
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