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Stable version 5.0.4 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
Uploaded on 28 May 2020 by 
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This application provides a simple yet aggressive removal of the massive amounts of useless data on your Cloud Personal Environment. It may work on non cloud environments but has not been tested outside a Cloud Personal Environment. I used LogsManagement and DBCleaner for inspiration, many thanks to Carlos Alfaro the author of LogsManagement ( and to Acácio Porta Nova the author of DBCleaner (
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On the Home page you can use the application in simulation mode where you will get an indication on the amount of data it could potentially free. I recommend running it in simulation mode once before executing the real cleanup.

The one click cleanup has the following steps:

  1. Delete all logs
  2. Delete old e-space versions via OutSystems DBCleaner API
  3. Clear binary payload of deleted e-space versions. (As you know OutSystems never really deletes a module, all associated e-spaces still linger in your environment taking up space). This solves the problem efficiently however it still does not remove the e-spaces since that is prohibited by the Platform.
  4. Delete terminated old instances of business processes.
  5. Delete old e-mails and their attachments.

You can execute any of the steps manually; besides the application provide an extra screen to remove delete entities or deleted attributes.

I hope you enjoy this application, please give feedback on how to improve it!

Release notes (5.0.4)
  • removed dependency to RoboHash Avatar
  • refreshed dependencies to latest SilkUI
Reviews (1)
in version 5.0.2
Great tool, for those that don't have much time to do a deep controlled maintenance of the environment.
I'd suggest removing the dependency to RoboHashAvatar (having the avatar doesn't bring much value, and it would be one less module to install/keep in our environments)
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