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Input Masks Library

Stable version 1.1.5 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
Uploaded on 28 June 2021 by 
 (16 ratings)

Input Masks Library

Mask an input value to a specific format. The available formats are: currency, numbers, and credit card. This component is not supported . Learn more on the OutSystems UI Website.
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Use the Input Masks Mobile component whenever you want to apply a mask to input values, for example, in a form. This greatly improves readability of different numeric formats, and reduces wrong inputs.

It is fully compatible with OutSystems UI Themes and its customizations.

This component is not supported.

Learn more on the OutSystems UI Website.

Release notes (1.1.5)

- Fixed an issue where both the minified and non-minified versions of the library were being loaded, causing an error.

- Fixed an issue where the properties of the input were not being applied to the masked input (such as enabled and max length).

Known issues:

Currently, only a dot (.) works properly as the decimal separator on CurrencyMask and NumberMask. As such, to avoid unintended value changes, we are forcing the decimal separator to be a dot. If a dot is used as a group separator it is replaced by a comma.

Reviews (6)
26 May (5 days ago)
in version 1.1.5
The documentation is non-existing and it does not work with expresion widget
in version 1.1.5
This forge component is bugged.
Deleting a field value does not delete the masked values.  Had to use backspace key to clear the mask buffer.
in version 1.1.5
Great Component!
One suggestion though, could you make the Prompt on the Masked Input an Input Variable?
I found that if the Prompt was not an input variable, (in the case of the Currency Mask) the Prompt would disappear on mouse over.
Great stuff overall though. 
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