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TestFramework is an open-source application that offers simple management and automated execution of OutSystems Unit and API tests. With seamless integration with BDD Framework and Unit Testing Framework , it allows automated regression tests setup and execution. With the recent addition of Ghost Inspector integration, it now also allows the inclusion of automated UI tests in the test suites. TestFramework is provided by Indigo, an OutSystems partner, with ample experience in automated testing strategy and implementation. With the latest update, it’s now possible to analyze, track, and produce reports of your project’s code coverage, load tests from other environments and schedule your test runs! Take a tour!
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TestFramework is an open source application that offers simple management and automated execution of OutSystems Unit, API and UI tests. 

With seamless integration with BDD Framework,  Unit Testing Framework and Ghost Inspector, it allows automated regression tests setup and execution.

TestFramework is made available by Indigo, an OutSystems partner with extended experience in automated testing strategy and implementation.

TestFramework includes the following functionalities:

  • Manage Test Suites, Cases and Steps: Define your test scenarios, for both Unit and API tests, and it executes them manually or daily at a given schedule
  • Test execution classification: Classify your test executions as Broken or Defect, to help your teams focus on fixing tests, or actually fixing the wrong functionality identified by the test.
  • Introspection and execution of BDD and UTF Tests: Automatically import and run BDD or UTF Tests periodically, validating results on every run.
  • Quality overview: Monitor the evolution of your test suites, gaining a clear understanding of whether tests are not designed for maintainability, or if your applications are increasingly having more quality and less regressions.
  • Get daily reports in your email from scheduled test runs.
  • Integration with GhostInspector, a service for Automated User Interface Testing.
  • Analyze, track and send/receive reports of each application's code coverage.
  • Load tests from any environment and run them in yours.
  • Track test run's history.

Check here a video of TestFramework in action: from the OutSystems Forge to a first custom test!

What’s new (2.1.0)

Code refactoring: TestFramework's code is now compliant with OutSystems best practices! The framework is all-green in the Architecture Dashboard!

Reviews (6)
7 Oct (3 weeks ago)
in version 2.1.0
Really poor application.
- Not compatible with Oracle
- 1 page has a dependency on SilkUI (the rest is all OutSystems UI)
- Full of warnings in Service Studio
- Apparently republishes a Forge extension without cloning it. (saw another post about this, didn't check this myself)
- Tried to create a new test suite -> error in query. (comparing a text input with a boolean column goes wrong)

That's just the stuff I ran into in the first minutes of trying to set it up and without even really using it yet.

I have to edit this review, because it is even worse.
Ajax refreshes on wrong elements.
Trying to remove a test step from BDD (which you cannot when initially loading them) refreshes the list and duplicates all the records in it.
Cleanup timer crashes with a unique constraint violation.
The list of bugs is endless.
Was this totally broken when trying to comply with the best practices from the architecture dashboard?
6 Oct (3 weeks ago)
in version 2.1.0
Definitely worth it considering the added value to the project and the fact that it's free and still looked-after. Saves us a lot of time by running scheduled tests and reporting findings.
New version has some issues I hope to see solved in the next update.
27 Apr
in version 2.1.0
This application allows to make some test in mobile or reactive applications?
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