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Created on 14 September 2017
This is a Cordova plugin to interact with Motorola ruggedized devices' Barcode Scanners. The plugin works by interacting with the "DataWedge" application configured to output scan events.
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How to use this plugin?

Place DataWedge_Block on your screen. If a barcode or qr code is succesfully scanned with the native buttons, it will fire an event to indicate that a code is scanned. It will give you the type of code and the barcode. you can also use soft buttons to start and stop the scanner. Than you have to use actions StartScanner / StopScanner. Either you can unregister the DataWedge Plugin with the action UnregisterDataWedge.

Before use, you have to configure DataWedge on your device. (see below)

Configure DataWedge

  1. You'll need to first create a Profile in your DataWedge Application to run startActivity for an intent on scan events as applicable. NOTE: you MUST set the action to: "com.bluefletch.motorola.datawedge.ACTION" and leave category blank
  2. Associate your app to the DataWedge profile so it loads with your app. Configure this under (Your profile) > Associated apps > New app/activity (menu button) > Select your app.

The DataWedge User Guide is located here:


Apache License, Version 2.0

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