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Stable Version 2.0.0 (O10)
Also available for 9.1
Published on 13 October 2017 by 
Created on 18 September 2017
TrackProject is an application for project and task management based on the Scrumban methodology (management framework that emerges when teams employ Scrum as their chosen way of working and use the Kanban Method as a lens through which to view, understand and continuously improve how they work). It uses a simple board with the To Do -> In Progress -> Blocked -> Done workflow for the active sprints (time box). But it also allows the management of tasks outside the sprint (Periodic/repetitive tasks). Any team member can create projects/tasks/sprints, assign task to a team member, move task to a sprint or to backlog.
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User Roles:  

  • trackProjectUser (who can access the application; must belong to a team)
  • trackProjectManager (administrator)

Main Actions:

  • create teams and associate members  (only trackProjectManager)
  • create Projects and associate them with a team
  • create and delegate Tasks and associate them with a project
  • task/issue management: to do, in progress, blocked, done, to whom is assigned
  • scheduled tasks and add reminder to tasks
  • create sub-task in task/issue
  • time tracking per task: estimate time and logged time (work log)
  • add work logs (time spent) to a task
  • sprint planning per team
  • re-assign the task
  • attach any relevant documents to Project or Task
  • add comments to a task
  • follow tasks
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