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Stable Version 2.6.7 (OutSystems 10)
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Created on 17 November 2017
Infosistema Data Migration Manager (DMM) - With DMM you reduce costs by saving hundreds of hours building custom scripts, increase quality and allow unprecedented flexibility in managing your data. DMM enables data migration across OutSystems environments or servers (v9 or v10) using a simple user interface without the need of building custom scripts. It also supports features like data anonymization and data scramble, essential to comply with GDPR.
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Why do you need DMM?

  • Did you upgrade servers, migrate apps but now you need to migrate the data?
  • Need to migrate data from the Qual to Prod Environment to populate lookup data?
  • Need to migrate from Prod to Qual to replicate situations that need fixing?

Infosistema DMM Features:

  • Data migration between different environments through visual environment
  • Support for detecting inconsistencies due to non-selected related tables
  • Supports data anonymization and data scramble, essential to comply with GDPR
  • Possibility of filter selecting for the data migration
  • Data creation in the destination environment, takes into account the related entities and their inter-dependencies
  • Reporting of categorized errors that occurred during the migration process
  • Possibility to repeat the process after the found issues have been validated and corrected

Contact Information: or visit DMM web page


  • Ensure that IIS user has read and write permissions on the folder:  "C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server"
  • User Manual available here
What’s new (2.6.7)
  • Filtering applications, eSpaces, entities and attributes during configurations;
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