Data Migration Manager (DMM) + Performance Advisor (IPA)

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Data Migration Manager (DMM) + Performance Advisor (IPA)

DMM - Data Migration Manager + IPA - Intelligent Performance Advisor. DMM - Data Migration Manager is a robust, cost-efficient, and intuitive data management solution. IPA - Intelligent Performance Advisor is the next generation in OutSystems performance monitoring and advisory.
DMM - Data Migration Manager enables you to reduce costs by saving hundreds of hours that were spent in building custom scripts, allowing you to increase quality and unprecedented flexibility and speed in managing your data.
DMM enables data and BPT migration across/into/out of OutSystems environments (onPrem, Hybrid, Cloud, PaaS), databases (mySQL, Oracle, SQLServer) and OS versions (v9 , v10 or v11) using a simple user interface without the need of building custom scripts. It also supports features like data anonymization, data scramble and data deletion, essential to comply with GDPR.
IPA - Intelligent Performance Advisor is the next generation in OutSystems performance monitoring and advisory. With IPA you can define and monitor transactions execution times and understand correlation between flows, algorithms and data. IPA is a crucial tool for developers to understand how performance is impacted with data volume growth or to understand performance bottlenecks.
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What is Infosistema DMM?

How much can an error in production cost your company?

What if I have a mixed environment between cloud/onprem?

Why do you need DMM?

How about to stop those situations where you say  "but it worked in my dev environment - why doesn't it work in PROD?!"

  • Want to have a better Dev environment with production data so that you’re able to catch errors and problems earlier in your development cycle?
  • Need to migrate from Prod to Qual to replicate situations that need fixing (including BPT migration!) or doing some performance testing, or just saving your QA team lots of time in creating good data for QA testing?
  • Do you want to copy data from non-OutSystems apps into OutSystems apps?
  • Are you changing your OutSystems installations tech stacks (between mySQL, Oracle, SQL Server; or Java & .NET) or environments (Cloud, On-prem or hybrid) and now need to copy the data between installations?
  • Do you have GDPR/data protection issues, for example does your Data Protection Officer (DPO) requires you to guarantee the right to be forgotten for client’s data in Production? Or you cannot delete the data without major impact, and would rather encrypt or mask it?
  • Do you have a good amount of data in QA or Dev environments so your development and testing takes into account right from the start performance issues and different conditions (including BPT) similar to the PRD environment?
  • Did you upgrade servers, migrate apps or updated the Outsystems version in a parallel environment but now you need to migrate the data?
  • Need to migrate data from the Qual to Prod Environment to populate configuration or setup data?
  • Do you have a huge database on which most information is non-critical, but there is a small critical app/database that you need to have a backup frequently (for example, your DRP requires lost information to be under minutes and a full database backup is not applicable)?

Infosistema DMM Features:

Product based approach

DMM is product based, with ZERO services involved, you can download it from the Forge and try it out with free executions, and then acquire a license (trial licenses also available upon request). 

We keep continuously improving the product with feedback from all our clients and partners, so all the ecosystem benefits from the other's feedback! :)

Data and BPT Migration across OutSystems Environments

Migrate both Data and BPT across different OutSystems environments (PRD, QA, DEV), different OS versions (v8 to v11), different database stacks (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL) and architectures (cloud, on-premise,  hybrid, OutSystems PaaS), seamless and out-of-box!

Import data from non-OutSystems sources - NOW FREE!

Import into OutSystems any and all entities data from legacy solutions using DMM to guarantee the data consistency, transformation and migration speed.

Data migration in chunks with TOP SPEED

A microinstruction engine with parallel executions increases performance on large table migrations, as it allows for parallel migration in chunks, and direct connections to databases create a high performance architecture. 

DMM has been validated as the fastest solution (by an order of magnitude) for data migration available, making it the best solution for highly complex Enterprise level OutSystems installations with 100+ interlocked applications with hundreds of GB of information.

Data Manipulation - Scrambling, Anonymization, Replacing, Cleaning

This feature ensures the transformation of data during migrating to the destination or applying directly to a database of choice.

With scrambling, data will keep its semantic value but will not have a correlation to the source data, i.e. an email field will hold text that looks like email addresses, which may even be valid email addresses, but ones that will not exist in the source data. The same applies to dates, names, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, phone numbers, zip codes, etc.. This allows for the information shown in an app canvas to look “correct”, although it’s not “real”.

Using anonymization will cause the destination values to become a meaningless garbled text, which ensures the process complies with GDPR.


You can extract data from your OutSystems environment and download it in CSV format that is ready to be used in any ETL processes you need (like automatically loading OutSystems information into an ERP or CRM platform) or simply to archive it for a DRP process.

Data Filtering

DMM allows you to define filters to apply in the executions, for example in a migration, export or deletion/cleaning process thus allowing full control of what is being done. You can clean a destination database before loading it with data from another instance source, for example.

Support for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases

You can set up your migrations between databases in different technologies. It is even possible to set up a migration from one database technology to another, SQL Server to Oracle or the other way around. 

We've added a driver to allow migrations from MySQL databases - as this technology will soon stop being supported by OutSystems with v11, we only support using the driver as a source of information. We believe it will be useful on all OutSystems installations in OS10 over MySQL that need to move to OS11.

Automatic detection of entity dependencies

At configuration time DMM will check your picks and suggest other entities that should also be migrated to guarantee data consistency. With the improved application migration support the user no longer needs to cherry-pick entity by entity which ones they need to migrate. They can now simply pick one or more applications and Infosistema DMM will automatically handle all dependencies and relations.

User Mapped Tables

This new feature allows for mapping of a unique column instead of using the ID column as a key. This lets you merge existing tables that may be referred to by entities not being migrated without impacting those entities.

Multiple Frontend Support & Secure Access

DMM works with OutSystems installations with multiple frontends, and access to the component is securely managed out-of-box.  

Execution and execution history User Interface

The separation between configuration and execution allows setting up an automation for actions you do repeatedly. The refreshed User Interface will help users to better grasp what's going on and what happened during previous executions.

Contact Information: or visit DMM web page

Case Studies:

Check out how our clients are taking advantage of DMM.


  • User Manual available here

What’s new (6.1.0)

In this version we are launching IPA v1.0! If you wish to check on what’s new in DMM just scroll down to the DMM section.

IPA - Intelligent Performance Advisor

BENEFITS: IPA is a breakthrough in increasing development and management quality and maturity:

  1. Gain performance monitoring and control capabilities of your OutSystems Apps.

  2. With IPA you know if your Apps are complying with your required performance SLAs. 

  3. Identify problematic flows or pages and monitor progression over time.


WHO IS USING IPA: Organizations that have business apps supporting critical business. Typical customers are: Banks, Insurers, Logistics, Public Web sites, Internal BPM sites

PROBE: IPA allows you to seamlessly include unlimited performance probes within your OutSystems application. Just drag and drop it in Service Studio as you do with all the other action items!

TRANSACTION: IPA allows you to link and aggregate probes into meaningful transactions. You may create a transaction to analyse the performance of a single action in an app screen/step, an entire screen/step or a set of related screens/steps within the user journey. It’s flexible enough to cover different depths of performance analysis. 

SLA: IPA allows you to configure desired performance levels for each transaction and sends notifications by e-mail or web service whenever the performance levels are not met. 

DASHBOARD: IPA offers a dashboard with relevant information about transaction performance - please do give us feedback! :)

DMM - Data Migration Manager 

SMART USER MIGRATION: Now you can choose if you want to migrate only users that are linked to data that is being migrated (instead of all users, as in previous versions).

EMAIL MIGRATION: When migrating BPTs, you can tell DMM to also migrate all your emails in the OutSystems database!

DASHBOARD: DMM offers an entry dashboard with relevant insights about your OutSystems database - please do give us feedback! :)


FREE DATA IMPORT: It is now free to use DMM to import data into OutSystems from external sources!

(ask us if you have questions about this process using DMM)


Delta Migration (BETA): This mode allows future migrations to only update data in the destination that was changed in the source since previous delta migrations executions. All migrations must be made with this flag.


BPT Migrations: Infosistema DMM is now able to migrate BPT data between environments using the same User Interface. All BPTs can currently be migrated even those that are not linked to an entity.

Better and Faster: We've upgraded our migration engine, improving performance in several additional use-cases - DMM reinforces its position as the only available solution for Enterprise grade highly complex and high volume data migrations!

Plus: some minor bug fixes and several UI improvements

Reviews (16)
24 Jul
in version 5.3.2
Smart Database Migration Utility to accelerate the OutSystems Adoption. We being OutSystems partner come across many client requirements of switching existing legacy apps on OutSystems & to do same it is required to port the existing data. This utility is a direct answer to such complex migrations from platforms like SQL etc to OutSystems. DMM team understands the OutSystems Core Meta Data Framework & this tool does the major heavy lofting by saving 100's of hours in each migration task. It has numerous other features like data scrambling, creation of data for non prod environments & more. My recommendation for DMM is all 5 Stars.
20 Jun
in version 5.2.2
Great components. Has made data migrations a lot easier. Less error prone and a very fast. Feedback on how to improve the tool is taken into account. In case of a issue, it was always solved in a couple a days.
I would certainly recommend this tool.
in version 4.3.15
DMM was the key to the success of the stack Java to .Net migration project, in which we had to migrate data in several environments (DEV, INT, QA) and merge 2 production environments (65Gb of data migrated).