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Created on 17 November 2017
Infosistema Data Migration Manager (DMM) - With DMM you reduce costs by saving hundreds of hours building custom scripts, increase quality and allow unprecedented flexibility in managing your data. DMM enables data migration across OutSystems environments or servers (v9 , v10 or v11) using a simple user interface without the need of building custom scripts. It also supports features like data anonymization and data scramble, essential to comply with GDPR.
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What is Infosistema DMM?

How much can an error in production cost your company?

What if I have a mixed environment between cloud/onprem?

Why do you need DMM?

  • Did you upgrade servers, migrate apps but now you need to migrate the data?
  • Need to migrate data from the Qual to Prod Environment to populate lookup data?
  • Need to migrate from Prod to Qual to replicate situations that need fixing?

Infosistema DMM Features:

Support for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database

You can set up your migrations between databases in both technologies. It is even possible to set up a migration from one database technology to another, SQL Server to Oracle or on the other way around. We've added a new driver to allow migrations from MySQL databases. As this technology will soon stop being supported by OutSystems, we only support using the driver as a source of information. We believe it will be useful on all OutSystems installations in OS10 over MySQL that need to move to OS11.

Scrambling and Anonymization

This feature ensures the transformation of data during migrating to the destination.

With scrambling, data will keep its semantic value but will not have a correlation to the source data, i.e. an email field will hold text that looks like email addresses, which may even be valid email addresses, but ones that will not exist in the source data. The same applies to dates, names, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, phone numbers, zip codes, etc.

Using anonymization will cause the destination values to become a meaningless garbled text, which ensures the process complies with GDPR.


You can extract data from your OutSystems environment and download it in CSV format that is ready to be used in any ETL processes you need or simply to archive it.

Data source Filtering

DMM allows you to define filters to apply during migration thus allowing full control of what is migrated between environments.

Automatic detection of table dependencies

At configuration time DMM will check your picks and suggest other entities that should also be migrated to guarantee data consistency. With the improved application migration support the user no longer needs to cherry-pick entity by entity which ones they need to migrate. They can now simply pick one or more applications and Infosistema DMM will automatically handle all dependencies and relations. 

Execution and execution history User Interface

The separation between configuration and execution allows setting up an automation for actions you do repeatedly.The refreshed User Interface will help users to better grasp what's going on and what happened during previous executions.

Data migration in chunks

A brand new microinstruction engine with parallel executions will increase performance on large table migrations, as it will allow for parallel migration in chunks.

User Mapped Tables

This new feature allows for mapping of a unique column instead of using the ID column as a key. This lets you merge existing tables that may be referred to by entities not being migrated without impacting those entities.

Contact Information: or visit DMM web page

Case Studies:

Check out how our clients are taking advantage of DMM.


  • Ensure that IIS user has read and write permissions on the folder:  "C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server"
  • User Manual available here

What’s new (3.3.1)
  • Improved UI components;
  • Allow chunk sequenciation;
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7 Feb (3 weeks ago)
in version 3.2.5
As a developer for a client in need for data migration features,  I worked closely with the Infosistema team in order to accomplish successfully data migration (with data anonymization and data scrambling included in order to be GDPR compliant).

Our use cases were quite complex, as we have a large ecosystem with multiple live projects, and therefore we needed a close collaboration until reaching the end result.  I'm very satisfied with the communication and responsiveness we received. I felt like we were working as one big team that eventually reached their end goal.

In addition to the above, as the product is a software and we all know no software is perfect, the team is open to feedback and willing to improve the product according to custom business needs.
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