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Performance measurement example

Stable version 2.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Performance measurement example

Application that contains example eSpaces to show how to tackle performance issues based on ticks. Also contains the example when using ticks in actions in combination with the log message and excel.
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In this sample application I explain how the ticks application can be used to find performance issues so you know what logic needs to be improved when dealing with performance issues.

The biggest advantage is that with this component you can narrow down the execution time per action/function/query to milliseconds, where service center only shows slowsql (above 200ms) or LifeTime only showing whole request time.

I've described the application as much as needed so you can check and find out yourself how this can be helpfull in your own situation. For this I added the multiple examples. Also have some comments in the logic or explaining added in the screens.

If you find this component usefull, please let me know by a thumb up (-:

The sample contains tree modules:

  • Bootstrap module to load needed sample data
  • Core module with sample data and functions. Also the funcations to calculate the number of milliseconds between 2 ticks
  • End-user module which contains sample screen to calculate the time

The end-user module contains difference examples:

  • Speed measurement example getting all articles on screen
  • Speed measurement example getting article details with alternative - associated articles
  • Speed measurement example getting article details with alternative - associated articles by an referenced action
  • Speed measurement example getting multiple speed measurments in general log
  • How-To page will full description how the performance measurements can be used in combination with general log and excel

Service center is set as user provider. The 'GeneralLogDrilledDownExcelExample' screen is also public available.

Release notes (2.0.0)

Upgrade to OS V11

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