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Created on 11 December 2017
API to integrate with blogs in Wordpress (since version 4.7) or Blogger.
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The connectors are independent because the services provide completely different options. Blogger has a centralized platform for all blogs and needs the blog id for queries (there is a service to get the id from URL). has also a centralized platform and needs the blog URL for queries. is a distributed service and each blog has its own services so the URL is needed to establish the connection. Wordpress has a single block of actions instead of two because there is no easy way of checking if a domain is in or .org (besides having a subdomain of the rule is "If the URL is in format * go to .com service. Else go to .org service but, if it fails, also try .com service". No editing services were implemented. Only basic read services like getting posts, comments, or pages. More details in the official API documentation: (Wordpress) (Blogger) Possible upgrades don't include Joomla! because there isn't a single official API, neither Sapo Blogs because their API is for a different purpose.
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