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Stable Version 1.1.1 (OutSystems 5.1)
Published on 30 March 2012 by 
Created on 27 March 2012
The Second Wave theme is based on the original Wave and includes some changes like the removal of the right side bar and a new fancy menu on the left side.
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The Second Wave theme is based on the original Wave and includes some changes like the removal of the right side bar and a new fancy menu on the left side.

Feature List
Welcome to the Second Wave Theme. This theme is based on the original Wave and includes a set of customizations:

- The right side bar was removed. Need more space for your pages? Here you have it!

- The top menu tabs were redesigned and we've included a switcher which can be very useful for building awesome things like a role switcher (if the users have more than one role), a quick navigation menu or any other type of drop down menu. If you want you can also use the space for a global search feature that would look great there!

- A left side bar was included and we're not trying to fool you. With the right side bar your page contents would push the bar away and your users would not see it's contents. The left side bar keeps your content visible (we're assuming you read from left to right). Plus, it now includes a context menu. If the top tabs are not enough for you and you like having complex menus here you have it. You can also have a second level of menus (sub-menus), and double the complexity for your users!

- Themed popups added (Hot!)

There is also a set of webblocks in this eSpace that you can use on your on applications. Feel free to navigate and try them before you steal them! Yes, you can steal them.

Main Benefits
The right side bar included on the original wave theme is not always the best option, so our efforts were to remove it. But having no bar at all can also be a drawback, so we've created a left side bar (that doesn't get pushed by the page contents) with a nice menu.

There's also some nice web blocks inside that you can use in your projects.

Ajax popups added (style and performance boost)

If you want to support our project, feel free to donate!

System Requirements and Limitations
Service Studio or greater, Platform Server o greater

We have tested the theme in FF, IE and Chrome. It might not look so great in previous versions of this browsers, but it still looks fine. Let us know if you find (and fix) some browser related issues.

Also, this theme is not complete. This means that some stuff may still use the original Wave theme. This is a work in progress, so we'll try to introduce some more features on the next releases.
What’s new (1.1.1)
The normal RichWidget's pop-up style was reverted back to normal. There was some issues when trying to use a fixed height and our own style. If you want them beautiful and fast, just use the Second Wave ajax pop-ups.
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