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Published on 27 December 2017 by 
Created on 17 December 2017
Extension for manipulating strings - adapted from the 'string' command available in the Tcl programming language. See the Details tab to check on the available actions.
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The actions and input/output parameters in the extension are documented so you can read their detailed descriptions once published. Below you can find the available actions and a hint on their functionality:

  • Compare: Lexicographic comparison of 2 strings
  • Equal: Char-by-char comparison of 2 strings 
  • First: Find first occurrence of a string inside another
  • Last: Find last occurrence of a string inside another
  • Map: Given a list of <key value> structures and a string, map all 'key' substrings into 'value' substrings
  • IsClass: Check if a string belongs to a certain class (alpha, alpha-num, hex, boolean, whitespace, double, etc)
  • Join: Joins all strings in a list with a specified separator string
  • Range: Retrieve the substring between 2 indexes
  • Remove: Remove the substring between 2 indexes (optionally, replace it with another string)
  • Repeat: Create a new string by repetition
  • Reverse: Reverse a string
  • Split: Uses a list of separators to split a string into a list
  • ToTitle: Maps a string into title-case 
  • TrimBoth: Trim a string at both ends
  • TrimLeft: Trim a string at its beginning
  • TrimRight: Trim a string at its tail

I have performed unit tests on each action but, if you find any errors, please let me know (in the Support tab) so I can correct them.

What’s new (1.1.0)

In this version 3 new functions have been added:

  • Split
  • Join
  • ToTitle
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25 Jan
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Very useful !
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