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Created on 30 December 2017
Generate reports in embedded, pdf , excel, pdf, direct to print using the Stimulsoft Reports for Javascript. See more on Version 1.0.2 - 26.Jan.2018 Try on
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Generate reports in embedded, pdf , excel, pdf, direct to print using the Stimulsoft Reports for Javascript. See more on

Version 1.0 - 30.Dec.2017

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1. What is the Stimulsoft Reports.JS?

Stimulsoft Reports.JS builds reports using only JavaScript and HTML5. It can be used in any JavaScript application. This significantly expands the list of supported devices from desktop computers to mobile devices. There is no .NET and Java behind the scenes. Licensed is required to commercial usage, but you can try all content of this library for unlimited time, the only restriction is "trial" watermark on all reports generated.  See the for more details

2. What is the OutSystems Stimulsoft Reports.JS Component?

It is an independent component created with purpose to embedded this amazing reporting tool to be used inside OutSystems applications. This component is not official developed and mantained by Stimulsoft. Keep in mind you required the license directly from them to commercial use. The Stimulsoft Reports.JS is available for free on forge and it will not be charged anytime.

New Features ongoing to next release

* Support licence.key

* Better guidelines and tutorial

* more samples

What’s new (1.0.2)

* Change source data in reports samples from webscreens to rest

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