MultiLanguage Translator

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MultiLanguage Translator

What’s new (2.0.0)
  • Updated to OutSystems 11 platform;
MultiLanguage Translator is an app that enables you to translate your outsystems language excel into multilingual options.
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MultiLanguage Translator is an app that enables you to translate your OutSystems language excel into multilingual options.

It works by bootstrapping an excel, grabbing all values assigned to Text to be translated column, calling a webservice that will read these values, original language, all the languages to be translated to and returning the translated text.

Every translated column is added to the right of the Text to be translated column with it’s header name using the RFC 1766 standard format.

Just choose the original language, which languages you want it to translate to and upload the excel to be translated.

After the translation is finished you will be able to download your file named “yourfilename_translated HH:mm dd/MM/yyyy” where “yourfilename" is the uploaded file's name and  “HH:mm dd/MM/yyyy” is the file’s upload date.

Every uploaded file is removed everyday at midnight.


  • Please make sure your excel isn’t protected.
  • You will need a Yandex Translate API Key to assign to the Site Property YandexAPIKey. Go to the Yadex Site to get a free API key.

Thanks to João Carreiro, Frederico Mangas and Diogo Cardoso for the help developing and testing the app. 

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