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BPT Taskbox over Email

Stable version 1.1.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
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BPT Taskbox over Email

This component brings the BPT Taskbox to your favorite device and e-mail client! Each user sets up connection details for his (IMAP) mailbox. Once that is done, the user receives new messages for each new Taskbox item available, and items are automatically removed when opened by other users.
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How to use

  1. Install this component and its dependencies on the required environment.
  2. Setup, if necessary:
    • In ServiceCenter locate the BPTEmailServices module, and open the site properties tab.
    • The DefaultFromName and DefaultFromAddress site properties holds the display name and address of the sender (From field) of the generated e-mail messages. This defaults to "BPT" and "bpt@outsystems" respectivelly and users can customize them, but you can also set different defaults.
    • The EncryptionPassword site property is set to a cryptographically secure random value on first use. But you may also set it to any long (>10) random sequence of characters if you prefer. Do not change it after setting up the first user, as changing this will invalidate all e-mail account passwords!
    • The MaximumSyncActivities site property holds the maximum number of activities that are synced to an e-mail account. The default is 100, but you can change it at any time.
    • In ServiceCenter open the timers tab for the same module
    • Configure the SynchronizeAllActivityMessages timer to run as often as you prefer. New/closed activities are only synced to e-mail accounts when the timer runs. By default it runs every 15min, which means it may take up to 30min until you get a notification for a new activity, for instance (15min to sync, plus 15min for the device to re-check the e-mail account).
  3. Now allow each of your users to go to https://your-environment-address/BPTEmail and configure their e-mail account details. These should be self-explanatory.
  4. You're free to add a dependency to the BPTEmailServices module, BPTEmail_SynchronizeAllActivityMessages action, to run it manually to synchronize all accounts. This runs the timer again, taking advantage of the OutSystems' safeguard that prevents two instances from the same timer from running at the same time, so it's safe to call at any time.

That's it!

Component features:

  • Regularly synchronizes BPT Taskbox items with an IMAP mailbox.
  • New items are created directly on the mailbox, rather than sent by e-mail — this allows them to also be deleted when necessary, such as when a role-based taskbox item was opened by someone else.
  • Mailbox connection data is kept on database server
  • Mailbox connection password is encrypted on the server, with a cryptographically secure random password per each component installation.
  • If a user is disabled (made inactive) in the Users application, his BPT messages will remain on his mailbox, but they will stop syncing.
  • If a user is deleted in the Users application, his BPT messages will be removed from his mailbox. This only works if the user hasn't changed his mailbox's password, of course.

You can see a demo of this component on YouTube: https://youtu.be/dlHZ8zrmHSo

Important notes


  • your BPT implementation uses a custom Taskbox and this customization changes the algorithm that OutSystems uses to determine which are a user's available Taskbox items, or
  • you have a user provider that is not the OutSystems default Users

then you should change and adapt this application to your needs.

This component has dependencies with "S22.Imap" and "CryptoAPI" Forge components.

Any questions, be sure to e-mail the author: outsystems@pedrofreire.com 

Release notes (1.1.0)

Version 1.1.0 changes

Added support for the Due date in the e-mail text.

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