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Stable version 4.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
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Compile and evaluate formulas from text on the fly using Flee (Fast Lightweight Expression Evaluator). Supports functions and variables.
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Dynamically compile and evaluate formulas from text on-the-fly using Flee (Fast Lightweight Expression Evaluator). Variables and formula functions are available.

Release notes (4.0.0)

Formula Component Overhaul:

This version introduces breaking changes and marks a significant overhaul of the Formula component. All Actions have been re-written, introducing a new code pattern that involves creating the FormulaInstance object first. This enhancement enables efficient reusability of the formula, substantially boosting performance, especially in scenarios where the same formula needs to be evaluated with different variables many times per second. Previous version of the component would fall short in such scenarios.


  • Upgraded Flee to v2.0.0.
  • All extension Actions were rewritten in order to take advantage of the new FormulaInstance input parameter.
  • New and leaner FormulaVariableSet and FormulaVariableUnset Actions added, replacing the previous variable setter Action that used to take up to 5 optional parameters.
  • GetAvailableFormulaFunctions Action now returns more detailed data of available functions, including inputs information.
  • Added the following string-based formula functions: Chr, Concat, Index, Length, NewLine, Replace, Substr, ToLower, ToUpper, Trim, TrimEnd and TrimStart.
  • New Reactive Demo application included.
  • New flashy icons.
License (4.0.0)
Reviews (4)
22 Nov (8 days ago)
in version 4.0.0
Excelente componente
in version 3.0.4
Great component; would like to have the operators < <= and > >= for Date(Time) variables.
in version 3.0.4
Works very well. Could have more functions, like IN, LEFT, RIGHT...