Background Video

Stable version 10.0.407.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Also available for 10
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Background Video

Play a video via direct url on your app background.
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Easy to edit, make sure to check all containers in front of the video.

How to get youtube direct url:

  1. Find a video on YouTube and copy the URL from the address bar.
  2. In VLC, head to Media > Open Network Stream.
  3. Paste the YouTube link in the box and click Play.
  4. Under Tools, click Codec Information.
  5. In the box that says Location, right-click the block of text and click Select All. Copy this text to your clipboard.
  6. Go back to your browser and paste the link in the address bar. This will open the source file directly on YouTube's servers.
  7. Right-click the video as it plays and select Save Video As.

Any cloud or online database video direct url also works fine.

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