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Mobile Force Install Manager

Stable version 2.0.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
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Mobile Force Install Manager

Use this app to force the end-user to update the application on their device manually! Whenever you introduce a change in your mobile application, this back-office allow you to manage native mobile versions (based on Lifetime version), and by flagging a new version, you will force the end users using a previous version to re-install the application.
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Situations When the User Must Install a New Build

Even though every time a “1-Click Publish” runs the changes are automatically made available to the application, some changes require the end-users to install an updated application package on the device. It happens when:

  • The application name was changed;
  • The entry module or its name was changed;
  • The application icon was replaced;
  • The main color of the application was changed;
  • Mobile plugins were modified, added or removed;
  • The configurations for a mobile platform was changed.

Whenever you introduce a change in your mobile application you can use this application to force the end-user to manually update the application on their device!

This is just a back-office to manage native mobile versions (based on Lifetime version) where you can flag a new version to force the end-users of the previous versions to re-install the application

  • An action is exposed in order to determine if the current device version needs to be re-installed or not
  • Also synchronizes with device locally (local storage) and have a fallback to use it in case the application is offline

In order to implement please check the how-to, and also, take into consideration the how-to is just a suggestion to implement as you define your own flow

After the implementation is done please proceed by following the documentation on how to Setup scenario for plugin Mobile Must Install

Disclaimer: This component is just an answer/solution to the previously mentioned scenarios and relies on the platform metadata which is subject to change

Backoffice screenshot...

Just a side note, as I developed with a monitor the font looked fine (even on mobile devices) but now seeing on my laptop the warning is not so much visible and it hurts my eyes :( 

Release notes (2.0.2)
  • Fixed an issue with the calculation of the version into a full number, before once we reached the 99+ versions of the app there was a miscalculation which was not possible to detect the latest update and notify the user
  • Added the component version in the description of the Application and of the Module
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