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Created on 27 March 2018
This mobile application is a sample usage of a server action of Simple OCR extension from mobile device.
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This mobile application is a sample usage of a server action of Simple OCR extension from mobile device. Using this sample application, you can test by your own image on your mobile device by using OutSystems Now. You can add support languages by modifying the sample application module. You can download other language trained data from . The SimpleOCR extension supports LSTM based trained data only. Please use trained data files from the "Updated Data Files for Version 4.00" section of above page. How to add other language support to the sample module Download target trained data files from the link above. Add the trained data file to Resources section in data tab. Add a record corresponding to the trained data file to 'Language' static entity.
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  • Rebuilding by using OutSystems 11.
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