Email Validation - Realtime

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Davies March
Davies March
Created on 29 March 2018

Email Validation - Realtime

Ensure you are capturing a valid email address in your applications. Davies March wrapper for Loqate's (formerly PCA Predicts) Email Validation API.
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Email address validation with the mail servers at point of capture ensures that clients are entering deliverable email address, delivers a better user experience as you don't have to ask for them to retype an email address and can be an early detection of accounts associated with fraud or nuisance. Leveraging PCA Predicts market leading API's this project provides useable examples of email validations that go beyond checking that the email address is formatted correctly. From a GDPR perspective email validation at point of capture helps towards the data accuracy requirements of Article 5. For other Outsystems GDPR and Data Quality integrations see the integrations page on our website Davies March

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