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Mobile Phone Validation - Realtime

Stable version 3.0.9 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Mobile Phone Validation - Realtime

Ensure you are capturing a valid mobile phone number in your applications. Davies March wrapper for Loqate's (formerly PCA Predict) Phone Validation API.
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Mobile Phone validation with the network providers at point of capture ensures that clients are entering a contactable phone number, delivers a better user experience as data entry errors are reduce. Leveraging PCA Predicts' market leading API's this project provides useable examples of phone validations that go beyond checking that the phone number is formatted correctly. From a GDPR perspective phone validation at point of capture helps towards the data accuracy requirements of Article 5. To get information on updates, other products and news from Davies March follow us at @daviesmarchltd or visit our website at

Release notes (3.0.9)

Updated for server version updates and dependencies updates

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