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Stable version 1.1.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
Uploaded on 05 January 2021 by 
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A collection of reusable actions to help us stop reinventing the wheel. Join the team and bring your own top reused actions to the community!
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Feature List

Essential tools for common daily tasks when using the OutSystems Agile Platform

Main Benefits

Stop Reinventing the Wheel and help others do the same. We know you have some goodies in there! Common and help the community!

The Limitations are where we allow them to be :) Contribute and help tackle them!

Provided UI:

  1. AnchorLink  : Quickly add anchor links to a screen
  2. ClickableRows : click on a table row to launch an item rather than just a link
  3. FillEmptyCells : Fills table cells with content if they are empty.  Saves time & software units not having to put "IF" to check for empty text
  4. FillEmptyLinks : Fills empty links with text.  Saves time & software units not having to put "IF" to check link text.  Also prevents screens where you can't open items because there isn't text in the link.
  5. PhoneFormatLibrary : Javascript library and implementation to allow you to format any international phone number
  6. Tabs_ClientSIde : Reuses RichWidgets implementation of Tabs so actions are reusable, this allows you to "expand" tabs when printing so you don't have to build separate print screens if you use tabs
  7. TextArea_AutoExpand : Expand Text area when the content is filled.
  8. TextTruncate : Truncates screen text without having to use an action
  9. WeekNavigation : Navigator to Filter/Navigate Content By Week
  10. Sticky Header: Lock table row/column on the screen.

Provided actions:

  1. Date_Adjust: Adjust a given date by set parameters;
  2. Date_Difference: Returns a string containing the difference between two dates - "2 years and 2 months";
  3. Date_GenerateYears: Code to generate a list of years for a drop down window.;
  4. Date_MonthYear: Returns format month year, like "Jan 2010";
  5. Day_Suffix: Returns day suffix;
  6. Week_GetMonday: Returns Monday of Week;
  7. Week_PrettyDescription: Formats week in nice format;
  8. DateTime_Format: Format a Date Time with a custom separator and optionally hide the time.
  9. DateTime_RemoveSeconds: Remove seconds from a date time input;
  10. Decimal_ByteUnitConvert: Convert between byte units in both SI system (base 10, e.g. kB to MB) and IEC system (base 2, e.g. kiB to MiB);
  11. Email_Validate: Validate if an email address is valid (fix for platform email validatation);
  12. Format_BigNumber: Rounds the BigNumber to the given FractionalDigits and adds a K, M, G or T, depending on the size of the BigNumber;
  13. Format_CSSColor: Outputs a CSS inline style for a specific color;
  14. Text_CutAt: Cuts long text strings, adding "..." or other string to the end;
  15. Text_NotEmpty: Returns <MainText> if not empty; returns <AltText> if <MainText> is empty;
  16. TrailingZero_Add: Adds trailing zero's to a number for formatting;
  17. Time_RemoveSeconds: Remove seconds from a time.
  18. CloseFeedbackMessage: Closes a feedback message from server side
  19. TimeToAmPmText: Converts a time to a AM/PM format in text
  20. AmPmTextToTime: Converts a text with AM/PM back to time
  21. GetAge: Calculates the age of a person (or a pet) based on the birthdate
Release notes (1.1.1)

Update of the following components and extensions:

  • HTTP Request Handler.
  • Rich Widgets.
  • Text.

Code improvements.

Update to the latest version of the OutSystems UI.

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