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Decimal Keyboard Plugin

version 2.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
Uploaded on 15 May 2020 by 
Carlos Filipe Simões
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Decimal Keyboard Plugin

Plugin to prompt Decimal Keyboard on iOS devices.
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Plugin to prompt Decimal Keyboard on iOS devices.

This plugin allows also to choose which separator will be use. And if the user can insert only one or more separators in the input.

On Android

This will only prompt the normal Decimal Keyboard, without any other features.


This application has a demo Module, that you have to generate  with your certificates to test it.

Release notes (2.0.0)

- Updated module for O11;
- Removed UIWebView references;
- Added explicit support for dark mode on iOS;
- Removed Demo module from Plugin, to be installed optionally;
- Refreshed references.

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