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Twilio Video Web

Stable version 3.2.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
Uploaded on 17 January 2021 by 
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Twilio Video Web

Enables the use of Twilio Video API in web applications. Add the webRTC WoW factor to your app.
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Enables the use of Twilio's real time communications on web applications.


  • Twilio account
  • Web browser with webRTC support


  • [x] Video conferencing with real-time video and audio 
  • [x] Enable/disable camera
  • [x] Mute/unmute mic
  • [x] Screen sharing
  • [x] Full-Screen Mode
  • [x] Picture-in-Picture
  • [x] Room Monitor
  • [x] Network quality indicator
  • [] Defines participant bandwidth usage with the Bandwidth Profile API
  • [] Start and stop recording with the Recording Rules API
  • [] Chat support for textual and file-based messaging
  • [] Dominant speaker indicator

You'll also need to configure your twilio account api's to get the keys need for this component to work.

This component supports multiple participants in a conversation in a 'group-small' style room.

For more information:

Release notes (3.2.2)

Small fixes on demo application

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