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Stable version 2.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
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Using this element you can create tables with a dynamic amount of tables and columns. This will all be based on the amount of data that you fill the structure with. Needed for the structure is the Table element, Row element and Cell element. By altering the properties of the Cell-structure and use those new properties in webblock where the cells are displayed you can add any desired functionality within your table cells.
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After downloading the app you can open the Example to see it working.
The widget should be used as followed:

In the preparation of a page load the desired data in the Table structure.
The table structure is as followed:

Table --> List of Rows --> List of Cells

The cell structure currently contains:


But should be altered as desired.

Place the Dynamic Table widget on your page and set the Table structure as input.
If you made changes to the structure, make sure that within the widget module you change what will be displayed within the "List Records" on the "Rows" webblock.
If you didn't change anything the table will be rendered displaying all the values that have been added to "Data" within the Cell-structure.

For questions feel free to contact Conclusion Business Application Modeling (the Netherlands)

Kind regards,
Bart van Dijk

Kind regards,
Carlos Alfradique

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