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Created on 15 June 2018
Webblock to be used in other applications for testing users' roles. Changes the current user to test other user roles, in none Production mode. Test users must be created with a "TestNameAddition" (defined in a site property) and added the desired app roles.
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This webblock is to be used in other applications for testing users' roles. 

If the server is running in development mode (environments that are not production), a Combobox is available with users that can be tested for that application. This users have to be created manually at the users page for each environment and associated with one application role. When a user is selected, the chosen user will be logged-in.

Test users must be created with a "TestNameAddition", defined in a site property, and added the desired app roles to that user.
Ex.: The Username or User Name must be:
- <TestNameAddition> + <Username>, if site properties "IsUseUsername = True AND IsTestNameAtBeginning = True"
- <TestNameAddition> + <User Name>, if site properties "IsUseUsername = False AND IsTestNameAtBeginning = True"

Note: If "IsTestNameAtBeginning" and "IsTestNameAtEnd" site properties are both "False" or both "True", the "TestNameAddition" can be anywhere in the name. "IsUseUsername" defines if is to display "Username" instead of "User Name".

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