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Created on 25 June 2018
Uses the Google Places API to provide a client side search input that autocompletes the user's searches with suggestions of addresses and locations retrieved from the google maps infrastructure. Requires an API Key (instructions on how to get one inside).
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Wraps the Google Places Javascript Library in order to provide an autocomplete input widget that will autcomplete the user's search with suggestions retrieved from the Google Maps infrastrucutre.

See the Howto on the sample espace to understand how to generate the needed API key.


  • Autocomplete Service to provide custom dropdowns
  • Search by phone
  • Wrapping "Get ratings" and other api endpoints
What’s new (1.0.0)
  • Converted to Reactive.
  • Added a site property to configure the Google API Key to be used, instead of the need to set an API Key each time we want to use the component. In the case of the input parameter being filled in, it will override the site property value.
  • Added another block that allows using an existing input on the consumer app, without the placeholder that comes by default.
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