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Enterprise Risk Management

Stable version 4.0.24 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management tool with deep features to manage Data Regulation Risks such as GDPR and ePrivacy. Published by Davies March.
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Application to identify and track obligation and their resultant risk to your business presented by Compliance to the GDPR regulation. Allows upload of multiple regulations, creation and management of risks at any level of the regulation eg chapter article, clause, paragraph, sub clause etc.  Enables creation of groupings of regulation nodes (chapters, articles, clauses) so that you can track bespoke risk sets.  Enables creation of mitigations for risks in the shape of controls and actions and to track the impact and forecast impact of those mitigations on the risk.  Data visualisations allow senior stakeholders to see at a glance priority risk items. Published by Davies March

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