Advanced Bulk Selection

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Created on 13 July 2018

Advanced Bulk Selection

A simple widget to do Bulk Selection on Check boxes with specified class. Can be used to do selective bulk selection (per column) in a Table Records.
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This widget intend to replace the RichWidgets List_BulkSelect in situations when you want to provide its functionality in tables with more than one column with check boxes.

It works like the List_BulkSelect, with an extra parameter: ClassControl.

This is the CSS class that will define which Check Box widgets will be controlled by this instance of the Advanced Bulk Selection

Just add this same CSS class to the check box and it will work upon them.

What’s new (2.0.1)

Add checkbox class to the checkbox used in the component.

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in version 2.0.1
Because of the ClassControl you can at run time include/exclude a (disabled) checkbox from the bulk selection.
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