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Stable version 6.0.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
Uploaded on 1 Sep (3 weeks ago) by 
 (118 ratings)


Discovery is a visual tool to help analyze, measure and understand how to improve your factory architecture
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Feature List 

1. Measure your architecture key indicators by quickly spot architecture findings and understand how to fix them

2. Architecture findings evolution charts

3. Understand your modules and applications details and anatomy

4. Automatically validate dependency rules for your modules and applications 

5. Define domain boundaries around a set of applications belonging to the same team and supporting a Line of Business (this feature needs to be switched on in the Configuration tab)

6. Classify the modules according to the Architecture Canvas principles and easily 

7. Search for elements inside your applications and find its consumers 

Best practices documentation

Architecture documentation

Release notes (6.0.3)

Bug Fixes

  • ModuleLayerBootstrap  - Foreign key constraint was thrown when entity was empty.

  • Domain creation from Lifetime Teams - 

    • It was allowing duplicates (several) when creating domains from Lifetime Teams.

    • The pop-up (modal) didn’t have the correct behavior when the data was submitted.

License (6.0.3)
Reviews (10)
12 Sep (13 days ago)
in version 6.0.3
Great tool.
in version 5.1.4
Discovery is a great tool!
But does not absolutely reflects OutSystems reference architecture rules...

Continues to miss some important options (or similar):
 - Disregard weak dependencies upper and cycle findings within the same domain/app (motivation examples: Menu->Screens, Emails, ...)
 - Disregard down findings (weak or hard dependencies) from vertical domain apps to horizontal domain foundation layer apps.

False positive cases promote management difficulties or lead the technical leader to wrong solutions by masking the cases.
in version 5.1.4
A must have. Thanks
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