Stable Version 5.0.8 (O11)
Also available for 10, 9.1, 9, 8, 7
Published on 12 May by 
Architecture Team
Architecture Team
Created on 08 May 2013
What’s new (5.0.8)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where modules and applications could end up duplicated when updating Discovery. Existing duplicates that might have been generated in previous versions will be removed.
  • Fixed a UI issue when listing referenced elements, where some of the elements could overlap.
  • Fixed an issue in the Configuration screen where the LifeTime Service was mandatory to save the configuration.
  • Fixed an issue in the Configuration screen where saving an empty user would cause an internal error issue.


  • Removed Discovery dependency from CryptoAPI.
  • Improved the modules auto-classify algorithm to better catch End-User modules.
  • Updated icons of some elements: actions, screens, entities.
  • Strong references are now displayed before weak references.
  • [OutSystems 11 only] Weak references are now being displayed with a lighter contrast so it can be distinguished from strong references.
  • Improved the Configuration screen, allowing the user to save the configurations without having to set up the LifeTime Service, which was previously mandatory.

Discovery is a visual tool to help analyze, measure and understand how to improve your factory architecture
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Feature List 

1. Measure your architecture key indicators (size, dependencies, cyclic references) 

2. Understand your modules and applications details and anatomy

3. Classify the modules according to the 4 Layer canvas principles and easily 

4. Automatically validate dependency rules for your modules and applications 

5. Quickly spot architecture violations and understand how to fix them

6. Search for elements inside your applications and find its consumers 

7. Define domain boundaries around a set of applications belonging to the same team and supporting a Line of Business (this feature needs to be switched on in the Configuration tab)

Best Practices:


Reviews (4)
11 Mar
in version 5.0.7
Great tool to assist in the architecture organization process.
11 Mar
in version 5.0.7
Fundamental tool for architects and developers.
Very useful and indispensable to any factory.
in version 5.0.6
Must have in your factory!
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