Stable Version 5.1.1 (O11)
Also available for 10, 9.1, 9.0, Older
Published on 23 August 2020 by 
Architecture Team
Stable Version 5.1.1 (O11)
Also available for 10, 9.1, 9.0, Older
Published on 23 August 2020 by 
Architecture Team
Architecture Team
Created on 08 May 2013


What’s new (5.1.1)

New Features

New Big Picture dashboard:

  • Overview of the factory architecture landscape, focused on findings, per domain, application and module

  • Architecture findings evolution charts

Module and Application Warnings:

  • Display a warning indicator when a module or application has references that are sources of findings at upper layers

Domain Warnings:

  • Display a warning indicator when a domain has allowed references to other domains by configuration (entities to another vertical, strong between horizontals)


  • Discovery User Manual (to be released shortly)

  • Domain Architecture Design with OutSystems (to be released shortly)




  • Full OutSystems 11 domain architecture support

  • Ability to dig into the root source of a domain architecture finding


  • Reviewed and aligned with current architecture rules

  • Counters are now reset when a module is unselected (to ensure unselected modules don't influence the counters on Big Picture)

  • Number of producers now includes unselected modules, but no longer includes system modules

  • Cyclic/Side/Upper findings: analysis of selected modules now detect findings to selected and unselected modules

Architecture Canvas:

  • The tool adapts to the canvas version based on the OutSystems Platform version and factory architecture:

    • OutSystems 10 - 4 layers

    • OutSystems 11 - 3 layers


Bug Fixing

Findings Analysis:

  • Fixed an issue where cyclic and upper findings weren’t being raised on weak references


  • Detect when a snapshot fails to generate and display an error message

Module Canvas:

  • Hide System applications/modules from consumers and producers

  • Consumed elements popup will only display elements from selected modules

  • Hide the warnings of a module when it is unselected


  • Fixed an issue where the popup would not shrink horizontally

Fixed issues in the following functionality when running Discovery over Oracle databases:

  • Loading the Module Canvas screen

  • Loading the Application Canvas screen

  • Loading the Domain screen

  • Revalidating the architecture

  • Searching application after typing on the “Type the Name, …” textbox

  • Capturing or importing snapshots or loading those snapshots 

  • Adding Domains via LifeTime teams

Discovery is a visual tool to help analyze, measure and understand how to improve your factory architecture
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Feature List 

1. Measure your architecture key indicators by quickly spot architecture findings and understand how to fix them

2. Architecture findings evolution charts

3. Understand your modules and applications details and anatomy

4. Automatically validate dependency rules for your modules and applications 

5. Define domain boundaries around a set of applications belonging to the same team and supporting a Line of Business (this feature needs to be switched on in the Configuration tab)

6. Classify the modules according to the Architecture Canvas principles and easily 

7. Search for elements inside your applications and find its consumers 

Best practices documentation

Architecture documentation

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4 Jan
in version 5.1.1
. Excelente aplicação! .
in version 5.1.1
with this tool, we can see a quick overview of our environment
in version 5.0.7
Great tool to assist in the architecture organization process.
Development tools, Architecture
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