Stable Version 5.1.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
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Discovery is a visual tool to help analyze, measure and understand how to improve your factory architecture
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Feature List 

1. Measure your architecture key indicators by quickly spot architecture findings and understand how to fix them

2. Architecture findings evolution charts

3. Understand your modules and applications details and anatomy

4. Automatically validate dependency rules for your modules and applications 

5. Define domain boundaries around a set of applications belonging to the same team and supporting a Line of Business (this feature needs to be switched on in the Configuration tab)

6. Classify the modules according to the Architecture Canvas principles and easily 

7. Search for elements inside your applications and find its consumers 

Best practices documentation

Architecture documentation

What’s new (5.1.2)

Bug Fixes

  • Discovery New Big Picture: When changing snapshot, finding count is incorrect

  • Display of incorrect data in Domains: Deleted/Not Selected applications still show up in the count

  • Filtering Apps by domain not working properly

  • Discovery does not revalidate architecture at the application level after loading an existing snapshot

  • Application Canvas is not detecting cyclic dependencies between applications, but those cyclic dependencies are highlighted at Module Canvas view

  • Error Executing query taking a snapshot

  • Weak references (Entities, Structures, Service Actions) are showing as trespassed elements between Foundation Domains

  • Window Popup references detail fixed - in some cases window was empty due to URL max length reached 

Reviews (7)
2 Jun
in version 5.1.1
Great tool to use from the start of your project not to end up with a spaghetti of code.
4 Jan
in version 5.1.1
. Excelente aplicação! .
in version 5.1.1
with this tool, we can see a quick overview of our environment
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