Amazon Rekognition Face Matching

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Created on 03 August 2018

Amazon Rekognition Face Matching

A set of server actions that provide access to the AWS Rekognition Machine Learning algorithms to store, index and compare images of faces.
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Amazon Rekognition Face Matching

This component allows the application to create collections of faces which can then be "searched" to see if they match a sample image.

This component provides 6 Server Actions.

CreateFaceCollection creates a collection on AWS that can be used to store facial images. 

DeleteFaceCollection deletes a collection from AWS.

AddFaceToCollectionFromBytes adds a new facial image to the specified collection. The image is passed as BinaryData

AddFaceToCollectionFromS3 adds a new facial image to the specified collection. The image is stourced from an S3 bucket.

MatchFaceFromFromBytes compares the passed image with the faces in the collection. If a match is found then the ID of the image is returned. If no match is found then the action returns an empty string. The source of the image to be displayed is passed as BinaryData

MatchFaceFromS3 does the same thing with the image to be compared stored in an S3 bucket.

Each of the Server Actions take an AWSCredentials structure to authenticate with AWS. The AWSCredentials consist of the Access Key, the Secret Access Key and the Region e.g. us-east-1

What’s new (1.0.0)
  • OS 11 Upgrade
  • Added demo page.
    • Credentials need to be configured on the site properties
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