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OutSystems UI Web

Stable version 1.12.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 27 Mar by 
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OutSystems UI
Compatible with OutSystems 11 and 10
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OutSystems UI Web

The OutSystems UI framework for Traditional Web apps with dozens of responsive UI patterns on top of a solid design system, fully customizable to your Style Guide needs.
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With dozens of responsive UI patterns, this framework is integrated with OutSystems and allows you to build the UI of your app using low code. 

Key features:

  • More than 70 UI patterns
  • Easily customizable and extendable design system
  • Responsive UI
  • Right-to-left support
  • Accessibility compliance with WCAG 2.0
  • Actions to deal with different device types
  • Built for Traditional Web apps

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Release notes (1.12.0)

Fixed Issues and Improvements:

  • ROU-4066 - Fixed an issue that caused the Tabs selected tab to be wrongly set after an Ajax refresh.
    This occurred when the expected notation (tab-0, tab-1) was not followed.

  • ROU-4127 - Fixed an issue that caused the Tabs component not to show the active content.
    This occurred when the TabsHeaderItem content was not plain text.

  • ROU-4157 / RPM-2723 - Fixed an issue that caused the ToggleButton to change its status without triggering the checkbox On Change event.
    This occurred when the user clicks on the edge pixel of the toggle button.

  • ROU-4178 - Fixed an issue on the ActiveTab parameter on the Tabs pattern, that was causing the pattern to not select the correct active tab when the ActiveTab value matches the DataTab value.

    Now, by default, the ActiveTab should match with the DataTab of the TabHeaderItem and TabContentItem.

    Added a new input parameter called ActiveTabAsIndex on the Tabs block, that allows setting the ActiveTab value to be handled as an index reference. When set to true, the ActiveTab should match the index of the ActiveTab.

    This will solve a breaking change introduced in the last release, that caused the Tabs ActiveTab parameter to stop working as a reference to DataTab.

⚠ This new OutSystems UI Web version introduces breaking changes.

  • The default behavior of the input parameter ActiveTab on the Tabs pattern was reverted to work as a reference to DataTab of the TabHeaderItem and TabContentItem. To continue to use the tab index value, you will need to set the new input parameter called ActiveTabAsIndex to True.

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in version 1.8.11
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in version 1.8.11
Fabuloso muchas palabras pero poco para ser mas sertero es una gran pagina exelente