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Stable Version 1.5.0 (O10)
Also available for 7, 6
Published on 17 July 2018 by 
Cookies Team
Cookies Team
Created on 27 May 2013
Cookie law? Never heard about it? All websites seen in EU using cookies, have to warn the users about the usage of cookies. This component helps you to comply with this law with the simple usage of a webblock.
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Main benefits:

  1. Simple to use: webblock that you drag to your page or layout.
  2. Shows only when needed: only first time users, or user who haven't accepted the usage of cookies will see the message. For the others, (HTML, JS, etc) nothing is sent to the page.
  3. Configurable: It's possible to simple choose between two levels of intrusion and to set the link to your policy page (Not sure what to put in policy page? Check this policy generator)

Check out the Cookies Policy Example for an example on how to use this compoent.

Learn More:

  1. «The Cookie Law, or EU E-Privacy Directive, is a law that has been brought across Europe to help consumers make informed choices about the cookies they accept on the computer. As of May 26th 2012 the UE countries are beginning to enforce the law so your sites need to be compliant or you risk fines.»
  2. Read full law or read this article or see this 2.5 min video!
  3. Check the following examples:
What’s new (1.5.0)

Updated to P10

Added more configuration to the Message text.

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