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Stable version 3.0.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
Uploaded on 13 August 2020 by 
João Pêgas
 (60 ratings)


The component to help you keep your database neat and tidy.
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Feature List

  • Friendlier (and automatic) old solution version deletion
  • Friendlier (and automatic) old application version deletion
  • Friendlier (and automatic) old eSpace version deletion
  • Full history and error logs via Outsystems service center
  • eSpace version listing with solution and application
  • Delete old emails
  • Delete old processes (with a timer)
  • Delete database tables and attributes
  • List space used by individual tables in the database (SQLServer only, from 9.1+)
Release notes (3.0.3)


  • New Features
    • Manage/Delete Extension versions
    • Manage/clean automatically the Log database - "Log Cleanup" (for Cloud environments at the moment)

  • Improvements / Bugfix
    • Remove unused references and not used tables to optimize AOs
    • UI wash/conversion to OutSystems UI
    • Improved bulk delete of Module Versions
    • Improved Module version cleanup to remove versions from deleted modules
    • Improved the list view for module versions cleanup to only display versions that can be really deleted
    • Improved log message when there were no versions to be deleted

Special Contributor - João Barata

Reviews (3)
23 Feb
in version 3.0.3
Doesn't seem to work for Oracle databases
in version 3.0.3
Last versions only give me errors with the message: please try again later.
in version 3.0.0
Excellent way to deal with applications that make use of Processes
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