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Process Automation How To

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Process Automation How To

Sample application showing an example of Process Automation (RPA) in OutSystems
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Process Automation in OutSystems

RPA, AI, ML, Document Parsing, are a fantastic set of tools that can be combined with OutSystems in process automation, boosting worker productivity by focussing their efforts in handling the exceptions.

In this article I wanted to bring a typical RPA use case and implement it using OutSystems.

Use Case - Processing Invoices

Many invoices reach our companies via PDF's or other document formats. Someone has to introduce them in to our systems, usually through a tedious, error prone, manual process.

Let us create a quick app that allows us to solve this problem by allowing us to upload the document, parse it, do some quality control over the data and either commit the data into the system or send the document for human review.

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