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This project is based on ion.rangeSlider implementation for RangeSlider with Label
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   Purpose:  In order to display and select the range between two String values.

   How to use

         Step-1 : Create a web block and under the source web block field select component\LabelRangeSlider.

        Step-2 :   This will expect 7 fields:

                        ShowGrid: Any text needed at the bottom of the slider.

                        IsSingleSlider(Boolean) : It will allow single slider default is double[false]

                        Labels  : List of LabelSliderListtem [ you can find  in Structures]     


          Step-3  : There will be 4 placeholders

                         Current_From_Id_InputPlaceholder: expect input wedged under it. 

                         Current_To_Id_InputPlaceholder: expect input wedged under it.

                        Current_From_Order_InputPlaceholder: expect input wedged under it.

                        Current_To_Order_InputPlaceholder: expect input wedged under it.

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