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Create and manipulate Microsoft word documents (2007 onwards) using DocX (
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Manipulate and generate MSWord documents efficiently.  All changes to a document are recorded and only executed when the document is generated.

The library works with both document templates and blank generated documents.

Operations include

  • insert text, optionally specifying color, font, font size, and style (bold/italic/etc),
  • replace text via text markers,
  • insert text at a bookmark,
  • define and insert a table at a bookmark,
  • insert a picture at a bookmark.

Only works with .NET backend. Uses the DocX library form Xceed underneath.

Provides a library that abstracts MSWord manipulations from the underlying extension so another extension can replace it in future without changing the library interface.

What’s new (1.4.0)
  • Added action FormatTableCell to change the background color and font color of an existing table cell.
  • Added action PopulateTable to populate an existing table with data.
  • Improved performance of operations involving bookmarks.
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9 Feb (3 weeks ago)
in version 1.4.0
Works perfectly for my needs, create bookmarks and tables in Word!
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