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Created on 28 September 2018
Create and manipulate Microsoft word documents (2007 onwards) using DocX (
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Manipulate and generate MSWord documents efficiently.  All changes to a document are recorded and only executed when the document is generated.

The library works with both document templates and blank generated documents.

Operations include

  • insert text, optionally specifying color, font, font size, and style (bold/italic/etc),
  • replace text via text markers,
  • insert text at a bookmark,
  • define and insert a table at a bookmark,
  • insert a picture at a bookmark.

Only works with .NET backend. Uses the DocX library form Xceed underneath.

Provides a library that abstracts MSWord manipulations from the underlying extension so another extension can replace it in future without changing the library interface.

What’s new (1.3.9)

This version adds two new actions to insert multiple tables at the same time:

* MSWord_InsertTables, and

* MSWord_ReplaceBookmarkWithTables.

The have optionally a list of paragraphs to insert after each table.  The first paragraph, if present, will be inserted after the first table.  The second paragraph, if present, will be added after the second table, and so on.

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