Asynch Client Calls

version 0.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Asynch Client Calls

Parallelize your server calls efficiently. Asynchronous call high latency services from the client.
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This component makes use of the asynchronous nature of XMLHttpRequest and abstracts the complexity of handling callbacks from this mechanism into low-code.

The component needs a REST URL that will process the request, and throw an event when ready.

There are two options when processing the event:

  • The service invoked either returns a JSON string the the event handler should deserialize and push back to the page (using AJAX refresh for instance)
  • The service invoked binds the results to a generated ID aggregating results that can be processed in the event handler (also using AJAX refresh, for instance)

Multiple things can be done to improve the component further:

  • Change the ID to a more anonymous GUID
  • Implementing retention mechanisms over data that is transiently stored
  • Porting back to OutSystems 10 by using Notify / GetNotifyMessage mechanism
  • Porting back to OutSystems 9 by using ARDO JSON for JSON based events
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