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Created on 07 November 2018
Application with some Login Screens that will get that "Wow!" or "Whoa!" exclamation from your clients!
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This application has 3 beautiful animated login screen samples and components, that you can use directly in your application.

Each component has a lot of placeholders so you can customize the look and feel of the login screen in your application without the need to clone.

All layouts are prepared for mobile devices and are ready to make the most of the GPU processing, so you can have smooth animations even on mobile devices.

We hope you like them!

What’s new (1.0.1)

Updated references to Silk UI Framework 4.1.2 (WebPatterns)

Login 1 [Login Switch]

  • Fixed some issues in styles and on responsive of the component
  • Fixed the issue of animation when the left content is shown on load
  • Splited the "Register Now" and "Login Now" buttons for better structure

Login 2 [Login Galatica]

  • Fixed some issues in styles and on responsive of the component
  • Changed the structure for betteer reuse of Header and Footer placeholders
  • Optimized the transition effects of opening the sidebar

Login 3 [Login Construction]

  • Added two new components and created the last sample page.
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