Offline Apps

Stable Version 1.2.8 (O9.1)
Also available for 9, 8
Published on 19 November 2015 by 
Offline Apps Team
Offline Apps Team
Created on 28 November 2013
What’s new (1.2.8)
  • Updated for OutSystems Platform 9.1 Bali.
Other Changes:
  • Hiding a screen’s content while the OfflineApps’ javascript renders elements now works with Silk UI’s themes.
  • Fixed an issue where the createOrUpdate and createOrUpdateFromRecord functions would lose cached records, when working online.
  • Added input parameters to the OfflineStorageJavascript web block to enable/disable debug and performance messages.
  • Manifest is updated even when the “force offline” flag is enabled.
  • Placing multiple OfflineFeedbackMessage widgets in the same screen no longer results in having multiple feedback messages show at the same time.
  • Added a property offlineHelpers.postedManifest that is set to true when a screen posts a manifest update to the server
  • Added a parameter dontAutoSyncWithServer to the OfflineTableRecords web block and to cachedList’s constructor, in the JavaScrip API. When true, the cachedList won’t submit dirty records to the server as soon as it detects an available connection; to save data to the server the function .saveToServer must be called explicitly.
  • It is now possible to import a manifest from another environment, from a module’s detail, accessible from the DebugCacheManifest screen.
  • Removed the foreign key from the CacheManifest table to the Espace_Version table, so it doesn’t interfere with Service Center’s “Delete old eSpaces” operation.

The Offline Apps component allows you to add offline capabilities to your OutSystems responsive application. Click here to see how you can use this component for responsive applications.

Learn how to build offline mobile apps with Outsystems.
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This offline component allows you to use our responsive applications without Internet access (airplanes, basements, and regions with poor connection). Take advantage of OutSystems platform rapid development to manage your data model, design your screens, and to add a bit of Javascript magic to bind it all together.

Click here to see how you can use this component for responsive applications.

Learn how to build offline mobile apps with Outsystems.

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