Kafka Apache Connector

Stable Version 1.0.2 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 29 November 2018 by 
Kafka Team
Kafka Team
Created on 28 November 2018
Connector to kafka apache using the library confluent-kafka-dotnet
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A component built around the distributed streaming platform Apache Kafka with synchronous functions in Outsystems. Kafka is generally used for two broad classes of applications: Building real-time streaming data pipelines that reliably get data between systems or applications Building real-time streaming applications that transform or react to the streams of data This is using the library confluent-kafka-dotnet 0.11.6 https://github.com/confluentinc/confluent-kafka-dotnet/tree/0.11.6.x You will need a cloud server (Azure Event Hub, CloudKarafka, Confluent) to act as the broker in the streaming between the consumer and the producer. Then in the callings of the functions of this extensions just set the structure Config  the values configured in those cloud servers. For example :
What’s new (1.0.2)

- Corrections to the Send Function

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