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This widget can be used to turn the pagination into a drop down for easier and smoother page navigation.
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We decided to make the pagination widget into a more advanced type of widget, the way we did this was to create a drop down menu for easier page navigation for the user when there are many pages to navigate to. 

With this widget we created it to be simple, Once the developer drags and drops the widget they only have to input a few new things to get it working, The first thing that is needed is the input parameters which includes ListWidgetId,LineCount, and TotalRowCount, the next thing that is needed is to change the On Notify to the destination of the new page. To get this information the developer can use the same info from the navigation widget which comes by default on all pages.

The last step to making this work is to provide the input Getter which is located by clicking on the table database which will navigate you too MovieTable Start Index. The widget comes with a List_NavigationDropDown_GetStartIndex() which needs to be used

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